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  1. EpicGamerNate


    5 oy oldin

    I am the 1st person to get the expansion "streaking kittens" I got a "CartifiCAT" in some gem underwear bruh

  2. genises100


    5 oy oldin

    Because Dennis used an attack, forcing Luke to take 2 turns, Luke's skip only negated one of those 2 turns, so it should have still been Lukes turn at the end there, Dennis actually won this one.

  3. Gage Erwin

    Gage Erwin

    5 oy oldin




    7 oy oldin

    I didn't understand a thing but that's fun

  5. zhugedai 12

    zhugedai 12

    8 oy oldin

    Dennis was so close to winning something on channel super fun for the first time!

  6. zhugedai 12

    zhugedai 12

    8 oy oldin

    Nice Chinese nick

  7. 陈平


    8 oy oldin

    Miss Berkel, and Luke in good shape....

  8. Thanhnguyen1204


    10 oy oldin

    I watched the vid to enjoy the fun of the content, i dont really give a crap about the resolution even tho im watching it on a s10 plus.

  9. Paras Rautela

    Paras Rautela

    Yil oldin

    any reason for not having players in focus?

  10. RH W

    RH W

    2 yil oldin

    Dennis actually won that last game. skip is only 1/2 your pick ups

  11. Inan Xu

    Inan Xu

    2 yil oldin

    Dennis could've won, he could've discarded his NOPEs to get a defuse from the discard pile I'm pretty sure. Or something like that.

  12. Charlie Lowe

    Charlie Lowe

    2 yil oldin

    Wow, this is my fav game!

  13. CPA0908 RBLX

    CPA0908 RBLX

    2 yil oldin

    love the thumbnail

  14. Music & Anime

    Music & Anime

    3 yil oldin

    No No your no No Attack That's nope again Skip No lmao

  15. ERROR1812


    3 yil oldin

    I want to see Dennis screaming at the camera because of all the zooming going on. :p

  16. Dominik Elfein

    Dominik Elfein

    3 yil oldin

    But you know that you can steal the defuse cards ? :D

  17. Nikita Sharapa

    Nikita Sharapa

    3 yil oldin

    idubbbz has the biggesrt dildo collection.

  18. Zack Case

    Zack Case

    3 yil oldin

    I'm almost sure that Denis has no idea what he's doing

  19. skillzz


    3 yil oldin

    I miss Berkel :(

  20. Craig Penfold

    Craig Penfold

    3 yil oldin

    You need one of those chess timers for this game

  21. Unoriginal Normie

    Unoriginal Normie

    3 yil oldin

    It's so funny when Dennis says "stop"

  22. Mr.C


    3 yil oldin

    7:35 Dennis's Orgasm Face.

  23. Zecrid


    3 yil oldin

    I played this with my engineering teacher and a bunch of students in the middle of class, fun!

  24. Kanna-chan


    3 yil oldin

    I love this game

  25. Silver Shine

    Silver Shine

    3 yil oldin

    I still didnt get how this game works😂

  26. Granny Hammy

    Granny Hammy

    3 yil oldin


  27. Jarren Easton

    Jarren Easton

    3 yil oldin

    What exactly does Denis do?

  28. Flaminskull


    3 yil oldin

    i kinda hope since theyre all friends nicky v comes back for at least an occasional cameo. dennis & berkel times are like the best times ):

  29. abhiqqkk


    3 yil oldin

    I used to like you Jon. But a Manchester City jacket? You are a joke son. You are dead to me. DEAD.

  30. Seen McGoof

    Seen McGoof

    3 yil oldin

    playing nsfw game for work... great.

  31. chi u

    chi u

    3 yil oldin

    I see that fucking man city jacket.

  32. Very Strong Leaf

    Very Strong Leaf

    3 yil oldin


  33. David Kusel

    David Kusel

    3 yil oldin

    God, here's Berkel talking about infinity boners and Jon is like "Prehensile Phalli"

  34. krneki44


    3 yil oldin

    There are all those 8K cameras in action. Also white ballance is even worse with every video which is really a compliment because I didnt know it can get any worse :)

  35. CJMitchell


    3 yil oldin

    Jon's Jacket tho'.......BLUE MOON CTID!

  36. Raxis


    3 yil oldin

    is my monitor going or is this video really really white?

  37. Cru Scanlan

    Cru Scanlan

    3 yil oldin

    NSFW version and they are playing it at work

  38. Marcus Dewhurst

    Marcus Dewhurst

    3 yil oldin

    So you are playing the nsfw edition for work

  39. Cdizzy


    3 yil oldin

    They didn't bleep out a fuck! 6:28

  40. Noah Nugroho

    Noah Nugroho

    3 yil oldin

    At first i thought it'll be shiz but turns out this vid is hilarious

  41. Benefits _333

    Benefits _333

    3 yil oldin

    brekle is fat

  42. Buttercream


    3 yil oldin

    dennis is like that one autistic kid, laughs at everything, thinks he know what he is doing even if he has no fucking clue whats happening, and gets so hyped over nothing and screams

  43. Rik van der Mark

    Rik van der Mark

    3 yil oldin

    7:35 that face >

  44. gameflux


    3 yil oldin

    Ok !

  45. Zachary Nolan

    Zachary Nolan

    3 yil oldin

    Those nope cards tho

  46. Floris


    3 yil oldin

    I am with Dennis on this, i have no fucking clue what is going on.

  47. Damalycus


    3 yil oldin

    stop bringing dennis to tabletop games

  48. Charlie Keane

    Charlie Keane

    3 yil oldin

    These card games are a little dull, I prefer the videos where you're all more active and actually doing something. Just my 2 cents

  49. oRosso


    3 yil oldin

    Most boring game ever! Nick is leaving ?? Please do tell

  50. Jesse


    3 yil oldin

    You could use denis's random sounds in a nature documentary about apes and wouldn't think twice.

  51. Luke Stringer

    Luke Stringer

    3 yil oldin

    Lol the people complaining about the thumbnail the game itself is called exploding kittens lol.

  52. Luke Stringer

    Luke Stringer

    3 yil oldin

    I have this game and it's AMAZING :p

  53. Rob Lafreniere

    Rob Lafreniere

    3 yil oldin

    What a stupid game. Don't buy. Run away.

  54. Tommy Warner

    Tommy Warner

    3 yil oldin

    Does anyone remember the dildo race they did 2 years ago?

  55. christianled59


    3 yil oldin


  56. Spearmint T

    Spearmint T

    3 yil oldin

    He blew up, that's why he left

  57. Bweans


    3 yil oldin

    How does the Liao Spice taste like?

  58. Wilson Lim

    Wilson Lim

    3 yil oldin

    play Monopoly next

  59. Kent Liew

    Kent Liew

    3 yil oldin

    白痴 xDD

  60. Parker Rose

    Parker Rose

    3 yil oldin

    What happened to the lighting here

  61. thejewcanoe


    3 yil oldin

    hahaha Dennis has so many cards!

  62. Madder of the Few

    Madder of the Few

    3 yil oldin

    Prehensile phalli - Genitalia capable of grasping.

  63. Joe Mango

    Joe Mango

    3 yil oldin

    this game is in my living room rn

  64. Cdizzy


    3 yil oldin

    You guys should play the card game munchkins. Its a complete blast.

  65. Neutrideo `

    Neutrideo `

    3 yil oldin

    What happenede to nicky!

  66. Solitudes Sanity

    Solitudes Sanity

    3 yil oldin

    "Are you zooming in? stop"

  67. Jelle Bootsma

    Jelle Bootsma

    3 yil oldin

    What is wrong with this video quality?

  68. Federico Trenton

    Federico Trenton

    3 yil oldin

    >The oatmeal comic eww no thanks

  69. Jesus


    3 yil oldin

    Everyone else is sad that Nicky V is leaving, I'm just happy that Dennis won't get bullied any more.

  70. Aaron CCS

    Aaron CCS

    3 yil oldin

    6:30 and 8:38 are 2 uncensored fucks lol

  71. Bashir Sfar

    Bashir Sfar

    3 yil oldin

    OMG my science teacher showed us this game and we know play this everyday

  72. Belal AllahAkbar

    Belal AllahAkbar

    3 yil oldin

    Has anyone else realized that when Dennis laughs it looks like Attack on Titans

  73. Cohac


    3 yil oldin

    Rip Nick :(

  74. CapnTates


    3 yil oldin

    You should play citadels once. Makes more sense to watch and it's great.

  75. Viraat Chandra

    Viraat Chandra

    3 yil oldin

    Nicky, dont leave me....

  76. Scorpia64


    3 yil oldin

    I'm gonna miss Nicky V

  77. Scorpia64


    3 yil oldin

    Who's gonna prank dennis

  78. Anoneom


    3 yil oldin

    You're supposed to have the defuse cards in ur hand so that they can get stolen away. Makes the game a whole lot more tactical and interesting 😊

  79. Felix


    3 yil oldin

    I've been saving up for months in order to afford a custom Nicky V one stop paint job, he can't just leave :/

  80. MrMushroomish


    3 yil oldin

    0:06 Dennis: "Changlsupafon"

  81. crocosnzChrome


    3 yil oldin

    4:41 Jon wants to know about elephants

  82. FK


    3 yil oldin

    When John was born, his parents must have been so disappointed in what their combined genes had failed to create.

  83. Henry


    3 yil oldin

    What happened to the pranks and fun stuff??

  84. Stelios Pasiardes

    Stelios Pasiardes

    3 yil oldin

    I love this channel, we'll miss you Berkel :/ wish you tha best bruv

  85. Vosem


    3 yil oldin

    Lol I have this game

  86. JoeChristianVEVO


    3 yil oldin

    #neverforget Nicky V 2k17

  87. Ryukendu31


    3 yil oldin

    i dont know why but seeing denis makes my day

  88. Richard Major

    Richard Major

    3 yil oldin

    I don't understand how this game works

  89. E H

    E H

    3 yil oldin

    can we get more Nicky V?

  90. Carsten Svendsen

    Carsten Svendsen

    3 yil oldin

    Does neither of them really know how to hold cards properly?

  91. Rickbearcat


    3 yil oldin

    Dennis is so loveable. He's like a human kitten.

  92. Miki Shiki Show

    Miki Shiki Show

    3 yil oldin

    WTF... I watched 5 mins and still don't get what am I watching. These kind of games are pretty boring to be filmed if we have never played them

  93. 1992djg


    3 yil oldin

    They should really learn how to play these before

  94. Vatablous Devil

    Vatablous Devil

    3 yil oldin

    "No." _"No."_ "No." *"No."* "No Damnit."

  95. SkuzzyJ


    3 yil oldin

    "Get fuckin' owned" - Luke, 2017

  96. John Clarkin

    John Clarkin

    3 yil oldin

    Rip Nicky V :((

  97. Ephrem Molina

    Ephrem Molina

    3 yil oldin

    I really hope this isn't Nicks last video. After all hes done and how he basically made Channel super fun, super fun, I wouldn't blame him being unenthusiastic (except when he was messing with Denis) like he was in this video. I mean i'm just some schmuck and what I say really doesn't matter, but when I think of Linus Media group there are a handful of people that I think about right off the bat and Nick is definitely one of them, so I hope you guys send him off with a bang.

  98. BlankEssence


    3 yil oldin

    Denny Is Hung

  99. T4b10


    3 yil oldin

    i dont like that camera settings. too much smoothness. it looks like the video was recorded on a cheap smartphone.

  100. H Collins

    H Collins

    3 yil oldin

    Merkel is acting weird and subdued because he had to quit smoking weed for his new job.