Mechanical Bull Fails

Let's find out who can tame this bull! YEE-HAW.
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  1. John the gamer

    John the gamer

    7 kun oldin

    I like how James walked in towards the end with this random wig on his head.

  2. lolmao500


    Oy oldin

    Goddamn its linus!

  3. Decent balderas

    Decent balderas

    2 oy oldin

    I like how she panicked about her Camera And the dudes are like whatever it’s fine

  4. Bartek Jemiol

    Bartek Jemiol

    3 oy oldin

    Young, ungroomed Alex is gold!

  5. Zagara Gaming

    Zagara Gaming

    3 oy oldin

    hahahah hindi naman yan filipino cowboy eh hahaha]

  6. Ryan Daniel

    Ryan Daniel

    4 oy oldin

    Alex is a teenager in this video lmao



    4 oy oldin

    "i have work!" "This is work!" I wish to someday be able to have something like this happen to me.

  8. STS


    5 oy oldin

    cat, bull same thing come on out and test your luck! lmao

  9. PG Plays Video Games

    PG Plays Video Games

    5 oy oldin

    4:46 Alex looks so young

  10. Eddie Jr Bation

    Eddie Jr Bation

    5 oy oldin

    I thought LTT has no Filipino employees but Edzel is. 😂 Mabuhay 😂

  11. Henry Hill

    Henry Hill

    6 oy oldin

    no one: this video: *AMERICA*

  12. Philippe Andrei Malvar

    Philippe Andrei Malvar

    6 oy oldin

    I knew Edzel is a Filipino!!! Kabayan

  13. Z Subs

    Z Subs

    7 oy oldin

    4:22, what is Seth Rogen doing in LMG?

  14. Khristian James Calderon

    Khristian James Calderon

    7 oy oldin

    Edzel should ride that bull again with this music on uztop.info/my/video/fIunopRpqc7ToXk

  15. Zack Bird

    Zack Bird

    8 oy oldin

    look at long hair alex in the background lmao

  16. ISM


    8 oy oldin

    is no one gonna point out James's wig at 5:08

  17. Jake Likes Tech

    Jake Likes Tech

    8 oy oldin

    "I've ridden a cat before" This man Ed turning into Shane Dawson

  18. Naaim Siddiqi

    Naaim Siddiqi

    8 oy oldin

    Tfw James shows up in a long haired wig and Hulk hands.

  19. Aditya Shenoy

    Aditya Shenoy

    9 oy oldin

    2020 in a video

  20. Nao Tomori

    Nao Tomori

    9 oy oldin

    0:41 it's a crime against humanity

  21. .hack//Sword


    Yil oldin

    5:45 Early Alex with his Bieber haircut.

  22. joltx


    Yil oldin

    This channel actually needs berkel back...

  23. CalypsoRaz


    Yil oldin

    I miss Max

  24. aj riddle

    aj riddle

    Yil oldin

    You're supposed to hold your cowboy hat

  25. Moubani Ray

    Moubani Ray

    Yil oldin

    From where does James find all these wigs from?

  26. Anubis 909

    Anubis 909

    Yil oldin

    0:59 linus: yea okay sure *One senond later* Linus: I KNOCKED THE HORN OFF! 😂

  27. Right Angle Productions

    Right Angle Productions

    Yil oldin

    Maxine is a mood "OH NO I GOT TO CONFIDENT"

  28. Roger Diotte

    Roger Diotte

    Yil oldin


  29. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel

    Yil oldin

    Is this the only video where James and Nicky V interact?

    • Thesk8guy


      Yil oldin

      Only one I've seen

  30. 霊Radoncombe


    Yil oldin

    Linus Thesaurus. Hoodie: Sweater

  31. Connor Clark

    Connor Clark

    2 yil oldin

    I was riding bulls that bucked harder when I was 10

  32. Dakota Lally

    Dakota Lally

    2 yil oldin

    5:18 Nice job! 5:58 Twerk it, yeah! LMAO

  33. _super_window_cleaner_


    2 yil oldin

    they have the worst country fake country accents

  34. Joseph Richter

    Joseph Richter

    2 yil oldin

    Ed's hair...

  35. Brendan Matelan

    Brendan Matelan

    2 yil oldin

    I laughed so hard when Linus said his balls don’t work anymore!

  36. go0ch1011


    2 yil oldin


  37. Scepter_ Knight

    Scepter_ Knight

    2 yil oldin

    lol just did this for pep rally😂😂

  38. Wuut Da Hell

    Wuut Da Hell

    2 yil oldin

    Linus questioning socks and sandals? Unbelievable.

  39. Damon Heinen

    Damon Heinen

    2 yil oldin

    I miss Max :(

  40. Jinxidoo


    2 yil oldin


  41. Nathaniel Pulido

    Nathaniel Pulido

    2 yil oldin

    Socks with sandals? Well, I guess it IS Linus.

  42. Roy Bishop

    Roy Bishop

    2 yil oldin

    This video was Terrenbull

  43. Sgt. Hippie Cat

    Sgt. Hippie Cat

    2 yil oldin

    My NaMe Is MiChEal WiTh A B

  44. Atoool K

    Atoool K

    2 yil oldin

    Yayyyy Max!!!

  45. Vladimir Jebievdenko

    Vladimir Jebievdenko

    3 yil oldin

    Hahaha! You need to put James more often on videos

  46. P3ykHacks


    3 yil oldin

    I just recently hooked on LTT and CSF vids and i didn't know edzel was a filipino.. nice! Proud of you man!

    • Gitz Gamez

      Gitz Gamez

      10 oy oldin

      Yeah me too i just noticed this tvideo that ed is a filipino

  47. Ladebalken


    3 yil oldin

    could it be that Linus is from Germany? Afterall he is wearing sandals with socks, wich is a german thing i thought.

  48. Grisile


    3 yil oldin

    Someone make a gif of that pls 2:25

  49. Ivan Muñoz

    Ivan Muñoz

    3 yil oldin

    Linus the CEO of a important company and wears Championship socks.

  50. Lucian Andries

    Lucian Andries

    3 yil oldin

    Nooooo, she broke a nail... Can I give her first aid? :D

  51. MegaTechpc


    3 yil oldin

    CSF is like LMGs version of team building!

  52. Hayme TV

    Hayme TV

    3 yil oldin

    3:50 eyyy kabayaaan XD

  53. Twisted Morals

    Twisted Morals

    3 yil oldin

    it was terranable 1:23

  54. Country Rebel

    Country Rebel

    3 yil oldin

    “ I️ broke a nail” and that’s why some girls don’t give a shit about those

  55. Grisile


    3 yil oldin


  56. Zach Boudreau

    Zach Boudreau

    3 yil oldin

    After being told it was cheating to use both hands, I'm surprised that Linus didn't immediately grab the rope with both hands

  57. gloege1


    3 yil oldin

    that how you wrastle a bull

  58. gloege1


    3 yil oldin

    no ladies

  59. Night Raptor

    Night Raptor

    3 yil oldin

    CSF honestly needs subs lmao

  60. Isaac Walker-cox

    Isaac Walker-cox

    3 yil oldin

    Did Linus say his balls didn't work anymore? 😂

  61. Michael Lin

    Michael Lin

    3 yil oldin

    Mechanical Bull Machine 🅱️roke

  62. John Smith

    John Smith

    3 yil oldin

    Yeah know Linus is serious when the hoodie(sweater) comes off lol.

  63. America First Paleoconservative

    America First Paleoconservative

    3 yil oldin

    What's that big booty bitch's name?

  64. Iluminacho


    3 yil oldin

    Wot in 'tarnation?

  65. Ashton Lim

    Ashton Lim

    3 yil oldin

    Sometimes I wish I could work with LMG

  66. Geoff Boener

    Geoff Boener

    3 yil oldin

    2:27 It's high noon.

  67. SnakePlizkin


    3 yil oldin

    0:48 - 0:53 What did i miss ?

  68. משפחת אלבז

    משפחת אלבז

    3 yil oldin


  69. 9063rx


    3 yil oldin

    I have the same "optional foot ware," good sandals.

  70. Dawnbringer 6

    Dawnbringer 6

    3 yil oldin

    I miss nicky v

  71. Facehunter2003


    3 yil oldin

    The focus xD

  72. lagoon


    3 yil oldin

    Them Walmart socks

  73. Tyler Furrison

    Tyler Furrison

    3 yil oldin

    *has money problems, gets other employees to stop working*

  74. Ryan Aubrey

    Ryan Aubrey

    3 yil oldin

    how does one, ride a cat?

  75. Mister Dinner

    Mister Dinner

    3 yil oldin

    Every filipino out side of major cities is a cow boy anyways, i know from experience i just have to look at my family back there....

  76. Clay Silvia

    Clay Silvia

    3 yil oldin

    k but the 5 seconds of Maxine was great. We need to see more than just her hands

  77. Brett


    3 yil oldin

    Doesn't Linus where that shirt ever day

  78. Tristan


    3 yil oldin

    Can you please do an updated tour of the LMG Building

  79. PixelSlayer TV

    PixelSlayer TV

    3 yil oldin

    3:52 he looks like chau from hangover

  80. Dawson Geller

    Dawson Geller

    3 yil oldin

    Dennis is my favorite

  81. swami539


    3 yil oldin

    Linus should open a shoe store

  82. IZylusI


    3 yil oldin

    The highlight of all of this... Maxine, and her Sriracha shirt. You could say... She looked pretty hot :^) That was bad... On a less sexual harassment-y note, it's really nice to see LTT have fun and be able to budget in Channel Super fun in their business stuff. A business I'd work for... Then be fired soon after cause I don't know anything that would benefit them :D

  83. car1188


    3 yil oldin

    why cant i get a job like this

  84. Iwooprophen


    3 yil oldin

    "I have Balls but they just don't work" Me too

  85. Brandon Fisher

    Brandon Fisher

    3 yil oldin

    I disliked, no on lost an eye.

  86. Collat


    3 yil oldin

    teran dose a really good accent IMO

  87. FEGO Studios

    FEGO Studios

    3 yil oldin

    1:22 It's either gonna be really amazing, or really taran'able

  88. Definition of Meme

    Definition of Meme

    3 yil oldin

    that was *taranbull*

  89. PROTOMAN247


    3 yil oldin

    Filipino cowboy lmao

  90. James McCullen XXIV

    James McCullen XXIV

    3 yil oldin

    3:31 dat ass

  91. HDose


    3 yil oldin

    Could've put that Mustang from the parking lot on that bull.

  92. Lauwer


    3 yil oldin

    i could watch this for hours

  93. big nigga

    big nigga

    3 yil oldin

    Nice thicc ass at the left at 6:25 Only mobile users will understand

  94. Matteo Buda

    Matteo Buda

    3 yil oldin

    Thanks for dedicated CC, it works a lot better than auto translate

  95. TheWarHawk 27

    TheWarHawk 27

    3 yil oldin

    Lol the only reason i watched this was to see how funny dennis's turn would be.

  96. Mensch 000

    Mensch 000

    3 yil oldin

    How can he combine sandles with socks :'D

  97. Jacques Czar Bajet

    Jacques Czar Bajet

    3 yil oldin

    5:40 maybe a new dance craze xD

  98. Hector Santos

    Hector Santos

    3 yil oldin

    that was Taranbull

  99. Ayse Kold

    Ayse Kold

    3 yil oldin

    Edzel, a Filipino Cowboy? 😂

  100. Floris


    3 yil oldin

    Hey, they finally included, i mean, tricke.. no, i mean, they finall.. i dunno. Hey look! A woman participant. I give up.