The REAL Reason Max Quit

Two teams of two go head to head to see who emerges victorious at painting nails the best.
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  1. costafilh0


    4 kun oldin

    You murdered that test bench... No... Ok... That was exciting...

  2. Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000

    Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000

    5 kun oldin

    a comment to support the channel

  3. kkonsti


    6 kun oldin

    James really had a glow-up

  4. NSA Watchlist Bait

    NSA Watchlist Bait

    18 kun oldin

    So why did she quit?

  5. Mat C

    Mat C

    27 kun oldin

    Max looks so much like Halsey

  6. Arjun Sahota

    Arjun Sahota

    Oy oldin

    Dennis still has no idea how to theme colors with a season lmao

  7. Mike D

    Mike D

    Oy oldin

    You would think the asian would be better at doing nails....

  8. Daniël Vegter

    Daniël Vegter

    2 oy oldin

    I still miss you maxine!

  9. daysErlock


    2 oy oldin

    Real question is, why are so many people thirsty for max? Shes kinda pretty but.. ehhh.

  10. PsychoticCuber


    3 oy oldin

    I miss her

  11. Inukrieger


    3 oy oldin

    and what is the reason she quit ? Or was she fired ?

  12. gobelin 783

    gobelin 783

    3 oy oldin

    They've totally nailed



    4 oy oldin

    3:55 Max faces when she realized she did the right decision LEAVING LMG

  14. nuitNo.6


    4 oy oldin

    I think I stopped watching Linus Tech Tips because of her nails. But she pretty cool person when you show more than the nails.

  15. DVDfeverGames


    4 oy oldin

    Just had a look online and saw this on a LTT forum thread from 2018 about her: "She didn't say any longer term plans but that she was moving to Croatia for a month or so to live with her boyfriend's grandparents."

  16. Junaid Shaikh

    Junaid Shaikh

    4 oy oldin

    Why did she leave LMG... Due to that Mobo falling?

  17. Ayden Shurley

    Ayden Shurley

    4 oy oldin

    “Guys look it’s Linus Sebastian!!!”

  18. MFM Gaming

    MFM Gaming

    4 oy oldin

    The main reason they where annoying is because that is all we wanted to see. LOL

  19. R.J. Paltridge

    R.J. Paltridge

    5 oy oldin

    "Look how he runs!" Sexual hergayness.....Anyone!...? Look how much super good B role robo turd with a T pulls offffffff Uhhhh! Behold the try everything and liquate the dead to feed the living! Im slightlety insain or drunk or hiiiiiii-0strung but one things for sure........Im not here....I didnt do it........good bye! Her fingers look like litte sausages with apple pin3!

  20. deminybs


    5 oy oldin

    Why'd you pick your teammate? I didn't, I didn't 😂

  21. jack black

    jack black

    5 oy oldin

    a bunch of nerds hatch a plan to touch a girl for the first time

  22. Generously buttered ALCO

    Generously buttered ALCO

    5 oy oldin

    Linus: "it cost me 138000 dollarinoos to pay my employees today, let's see what a productive day they've had..."

  23. Arron Somerville

    Arron Somerville

    5 oy oldin

    its clear why she became a hand model! couldnt exactly use her face

    • daysErlock


      2 oy oldin

      @elemenopi the truth stings.

    • daysErlock


      2 oy oldin

      @WinTeRzZ47 she is pretty ugly

    • daysErlock


      2 oy oldin

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 you ain't wrong

    • WinTeRzZ47


      5 oy oldin

      Why can't you be nicer and hide all ur hate

    • elemenopi


      5 oy oldin

      wtf dude?

  24. SEAM ALI


    5 oy oldin

    I still miss her

  25. Marcel


    5 oy oldin

    Nice fetish

  26. archeyangel1


    5 oy oldin

    as a female viewer of linus tech tips, i’m sad that the only female is leaving :(

    • bladerj


      26 kun oldin

      she left a long time ago, she isnt the only, there is his wife the new butt girl, and i think 3 others they just dont show up on camera.

    • Sir Galahad

      Sir Galahad

      5 oy oldin

      CaptainZuzlike she doesn’t make many appearances

    • CaptainZuzlike


      5 oy oldin

      yvonne is disappointed in you

  27. Daniel Heigher

    Daniel Heigher

    5 oy oldin

    How did i not know about this video until now?

  28. notthere83


    5 oy oldin

    Loved the awkward reaction to James' douchy comment about Taran.

  29. Muffin Man

    Muffin Man

    5 oy oldin

    Tehran was just killing her in the intro lmao

  30. Hans Nyström Pastor

    Hans Nyström Pastor

    5 oy oldin

    Why did maxine leave linus tech tips?

    • JPOG7 TV

      JPOG7 TV

      5 oy oldin

      I think they said in another video that she wanted to move with her fiancé to Croatia. I’m not 100% sure though

  31. Hans Nyström Pastor

    Hans Nyström Pastor

    5 oy oldin

    here is the oficial chanel of maxine, give me like and lets all suport her channel uztop.infovideos

  32. ragnarocking


    6 oy oldin

    So why _did_ the only staff member with two X chromosomes leave the company?

    • Salted


      6 oy oldin

      Because Linus isn't a goddamn simp.

  33. Ekaansh Arora

    Ekaansh Arora

    7 oy oldin

    each passing day, we miss you max (and berkel

  34. EvilAsh110


    7 oy oldin

    I'm just going to say that Max fine as fuck.

  35. Manuel


    7 oy oldin

    Remember when so many people were still allowed to be so close together? Good times.

  36. Joel Lewis

    Joel Lewis

    7 oy oldin

    I got recommendation for this video out of nowhere in 2020

  37. ItsmeSB


    7 oy oldin

    Max please come back

  38. ItsmeSB


    7 oy oldin

    LTT used to be so fun :-(

  39. epicbuilder2007


    7 oy oldin

    _Nailed her!_

  40. Tien_Gouki


    7 oy oldin

    I still miss Max

    • Manuel


      7 oy oldin

      She has her own channel

  41. Get Up

    Get Up

    7 oy oldin


  42. Imischek


    7 oy oldin

    4 simps simping

  43. Holzwurm _HD

    Holzwurm _HD

    8 oy oldin

    Wait, she quit? I was wondering why there were no more rainbow nails...

  44. Kri


    8 oy oldin

    4:16 who is that?

  45. Kri


    8 oy oldin

    wow it's weird remembering that she was the only model they had back then, now they use everyone

  46. Based Korean

    Based Korean

    8 oy oldin


  47. Tinkering With Tech

    Tinkering With Tech

    8 oy oldin

    she seemed really nice

  48. KeBugCheck


    8 oy oldin


  49. hazem amr

    hazem amr

    8 oy oldin

    7:16 she is basically flipping them off😂

  50. Tazwary Messi

    Tazwary Messi

    8 oy oldin

    7:20 middle finger

  51. Max Myzer

    Max Myzer

    8 oy oldin

    RIP MAXINE('s nails)

  52. ElectroLINK


    8 oy oldin

    7:19. She slipped in a middle finger and nobody reacted.

    • Rory !!

      Rory !!

      8 oy oldin


  53. Green Maniacs

    Green Maniacs

    8 oy oldin

    Acedently clicked on a video that was posted exactly 2 years ago. This comment was made June 11 2020, the video was uploaded June 11 2018.

    • 2547 technowizz

      2547 technowizz

      8 oy oldin

      holy fuck I just realized that

  54. manuel garibi

    manuel garibi

    8 oy oldin

    Miss Max

  55. Robin Renaud

    Robin Renaud

    8 oy oldin

    Max was awesome.

  56. TheOliveFan


    8 oy oldin

    2020 simps they trendy b4 the trend

  57. Nighttime Driver

    Nighttime Driver

    8 oy oldin

    2 years ago... we miss Max.

  58. Luis Eduardo Talamantes

    Luis Eduardo Talamantes

    8 oy oldin

    So she couldn't stand them?

  59. Adeel Abbasi

    Adeel Abbasi

    8 oy oldin

    4:48 thanks alot you remined me the name of my childhood song "gomenasi"

  60. passerby


    9 oy oldin

    I wanna get Max pregnant. There i said it. Call me boo

  61. R T

    R T

    9 oy oldin

    Yep, this is definitely the video that it is...

  62. SevenDeMagnus


    9 oy oldin

    So sad.

  63. KuroBushi


    9 oy oldin

    God I have fake nails ahhhh

  64. BriZ3l_ 21

    BriZ3l_ 21

    9 oy oldin


  65. BLKBRDSR71


    9 oy oldin

    3:21 Wild wabbit appears.

  66. Mega Desk 2.0

    Mega Desk 2.0

    9 oy oldin

    Why did she go?

  67. dtiydr


    10 oy oldin

    7:38 Is that scene in a complete video or something to watch?

    • dtiydr


      6 oy oldin

      @lapar ngantuk Tnx.

    • lapar ngantuk

      lapar ngantuk

      6 oy oldin

      In case you mean what video it featured, try searching "AMD Ryzen 7 Review"

  68. EppyFourTwenny


    10 oy oldin

    This channel is basically linus sex tips

  69. Cafe Mim

    Cafe Mim

    10 oy oldin

    OOOOO. I love Max! Wish she was still here

  70. Dreamy


    10 oy oldin

    Max is cool

  71. br1ann88


    10 oy oldin

    You would think that a profile picture with a lot of colors and a name like Channel Super fun, it would be made with tons of kids, childish like videos, not with a bunch of Linus tech tips employe- Oh wait

  72. Manmeth Gayathma

    Manmeth Gayathma

    10 oy oldin

    Am I the only one who think the way Taran and Linus runs are similar.

  73. Punkzs


    10 oy oldin

    0:59 I do

  74. F34RL1C1A


    10 oy oldin


    • F34RL1C1A


      10 oy oldin

      @Top Skills Yes thx 4 noticing...

    • Top Skills

      Top Skills

      10 oy oldin

      i see what you did there "hold"

  75. Redax101


    10 oy oldin

    Simp haven

  76. Jose C

    Jose C

    10 oy oldin

    She should come back.

  77. Jacob Zion

    Jacob Zion

    10 oy oldin

    i miss max

  78. Pavan Nethmal

    Pavan Nethmal

    10 oy oldin

    who ever edited this video was in love with max 😜😉😅

  79. Antonder Anton

    Antonder Anton

    11 oy oldin

    6 gamers one GPU 6 gamers in girl

  80. Antonder Anton

    Antonder Anton

    11 oy oldin

    The guy with the play more shirt is gay

  81. Abir Mahmud Dipto

    Abir Mahmud Dipto

    11 oy oldin

    Yvonne fired Max.

  82. donttrusta hoe

    donttrusta hoe

    11 oy oldin

    I can see why she left

  83. MrGodsChaos


    11 oy oldin

    So why did she quit?

  84. Krugeer Vedi

    Krugeer Vedi

    11 oy oldin

    Damn I miss max 🤧

  85. jazzmickge1


    11 oy oldin

    A sad loss, but I wouldn't trust any of those guys to paint my house if they can't even paint a nail lol

  86. Joseph Tischer

    Joseph Tischer

    11 oy oldin


  87. Gabriel Fernando

    Gabriel Fernando

    11 oy oldin

    Thought this was about linus tech

  88. restless42


    11 oy oldin

    I miss Max

  89. Animatronix


    11 oy oldin

    2:11 (linus running away because of the nail polish that max's have)

  90. gianluca melis

    gianluca melis

    11 oy oldin

    I can't stress this enough, i love max so much i always hope to see her back in ltt :(

  91. Gaurav Singh

    Gaurav Singh

    Yil oldin

    *So... why did she quit??*

  92. VdubSPAZ


    Yil oldin

    I know it's late to the comments but I was kind of like during the videos.... Never knew where she went just figured she was somewhere in the video editing

  93. Shane


    Yil oldin

    Didnt jon quit?

  94. Avalloc


    Yil oldin

    it's back ladies and gentlemen.. also miss max, she was fun

  95. Megan Perreault

    Megan Perreault

    Yil oldin

    this is for Klamath.!

  96. David


    Yil oldin

    Bye bye max

  97. BenBenOy


    Yil oldin

    Max quits job Colleagues: rip

  98. Jake the Snake

    Jake the Snake

    Yil oldin

    Taran low-key simping in this video

  99. Brad Bradson

    Brad Bradson

    Yil oldin

    OMG why isn't this the main channel?

  100. Beta Sword

    Beta Sword

    Yil oldin

    Was Colton reiterating the fact that this video wasn’t sponsored by Fresh Books really necessary? XD