We gave away all this toilet paper!!!

Dennis and Colton decide to take a trip to find out where all the toilet paper has gone to, but we're not going to hoard it all.
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  1. Juanyeizi


    11 kun oldin

    It surprises me so much that you haven't watercooled toilet paper

  2. Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000

    Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000

    12 kun oldin

    a comment to support the channel

  3. Hayden


    20 kun oldin

    Im really confused why a cop has a gay pride flag on the car lol.

  4. Knallen


    23 kun oldin

    so you are helping by.... becoming part of the problem and buying more TP than you need?

  5. Kurt Tennant

    Kurt Tennant

    25 kun oldin

    It's so strange looking back and seeing stuff like this before everyone had to wear a mask. Also Dennis is right; the best food to stock up on is a 50lb bag of rice

  6. Elijah Green

    Elijah Green

    2 oy oldin

    Plot twist: the cops caught them hoarding and their punishment was that they had to donate it all, so they made this video as a cover up.

  7. Xbox SeriesX

    Xbox SeriesX

    3 oy oldin

    People in the logging capitol worrried about paper products

  8. Lion Ritchie

    Lion Ritchie

    3 oy oldin

    Screw you Colton - my first laptop was a Toshiba Satellite(TS) from London Drugs. They used to be competitively priced back in the day.

  9. Dean Assicurato

    Dean Assicurato

    3 oy oldin

    I can remember watching this a couple days out of school

  10. thatdude034


    4 oy oldin

    Gamers: *Thanks the bus driver* Canadians: *Thanks the food bank for letting them donate*

  11. Martin Schmidt

    Martin Schmidt

    4 oy oldin

    Dont you buying all left over toilet paper kinda make things worse?

  12. dragonlabs


    4 oy oldin

    Watching this from October 2020, the fact that no one's wearing masks is really weird.

  13. Jania


    4 oy oldin

    I searched for " toilet paper give away " just to comment this. Me with a bidet :

  14. Riki Nsh

    Riki Nsh

    4 oy oldin

    In such time of need

  15. Matthew Yang

    Matthew Yang

    4 oy oldin

    i didn't know ppl ate toilet paper

  16. AngelGeneration look onto my Second Channel

    AngelGeneration look onto my Second Channel

    4 oy oldin

    for some reason there was never a shortage in NYC. There was a shortage of sanitizer, yet hand soap and regular soap is fully stocked. like what?

  17. SinLord


    5 oy oldin

    Channel Super Wholesome

  18. Luke Glover

    Luke Glover

    5 oy oldin

    When it started and a limit was put on my mom went and got 2 packs (2x16 rolls) when we already had some, wanting me to go in to buy two and I flat out said no. haha We had 51 rolls the one time and I was like MOM you get mad at people hoarding and you have 51 rolls right now! haha After that she didnt buy as much but still regularly has 2 full packs of 16, which isnt as bad.

  19. cash storeone

    cash storeone

    5 oy oldin

    All of those Automatic toilet roll making machines that they were selling 5 months ago are now being sold at garage sales. Really cheap too.

  20. OvAeons


    5 oy oldin

    I just noticed that this is the only CSF video i have not had in my recommends ever.

  21. MaGnA


    5 oy oldin

    “you gonna get high and play games” Me:....

  22. Dakota Lally

    Dakota Lally

    5 oy oldin

    5:25 Colton. You lie! That is a 12 pack! LMAO. I bought 4 rolls in April, I've got 2 left. SOMEONE SEND FEMA! I need toilet paper!

  23. ThisIsDab


    5 oy oldin

    Damn it’s so weird seeing them walk into stores without masks...

  24. Quietus Plus

    Quietus Plus

    6 oy oldin

    Isn't this a little contradictory, buy as much as you can? This is exactly why there is (or was, given the age of the video) a shortage.

  25. Beedgehog


    6 oy oldin


  26. Swapnil Jangam

    Swapnil Jangam

    6 oy oldin

    4:32 Colton didn’t know the jeep was made to look full 😂

  27. Thomas Bachler

    Thomas Bachler

    6 oy oldin

    Oh look, it's early pandemic! It's so cute!

  28. Harry Sss

    Harry Sss

    6 oy oldin

    use paper

  29. Wewbie fan

    Wewbie fan

    7 oy oldin

    Tell the person that called denis a stupid dummy to catch me outside

  30. Manuel


    7 oy oldin

    No one was hoarding toilet paper. It’s just that people started to work from home or were fired and kids were home all day so they needed more of it at home.

  31. GaliciaArt


    7 oy oldin

    I can't believe Colton took toilet paper, he's going to hell

  32. Normal Minecraft Lets Play

    Normal Minecraft Lets Play

    8 oy oldin

    New idea stealing tolet paper from returants and schools

  33. Yeoj Henrie Sayadi

    Yeoj Henrie Sayadi

    8 oy oldin


  34. Adam J Smith

    Adam J Smith

    8 oy oldin

    I just shit and shower. 🚿

  35. Adam J Smith

    Adam J Smith

    8 oy oldin

    3:10 An impolite Canadian!

  36. Adam J Smith

    Adam J Smith

    8 oy oldin

    1:16 Nice license plate bro

  37. Larry Ganz

    Larry Ganz

    8 oy oldin

    And that was only 1 week of TP for the food bank - Wow!

  38. Yuniko Yato

    Yuniko Yato

    8 oy oldin

    pretty sure denis went to the foodbank afterwards to get his roll

  39. Yuniko Yato

    Yuniko Yato

    8 oy oldin

    wait no toilet paper but i see normal paper towel , its JUST toilet paper XL! dudes!

  40. nirkon


    8 oy oldin

    They should've donated it to the sperm bank

  41. Toobst8ker


    8 oy oldin

    what happened to Dennis' pack of toilet paper lol

  42. MrTingles


    8 oy oldin

    maybe everybody else was just donating all that TP as well... that's why it was all gone...

  43. Emil Eicher

    Emil Eicher

    8 oy oldin

    Wipe with some old PCB

  44. Raw Forces

    Raw Forces

    8 oy oldin

    CSF is back!!!! Yey!! More Dennis!!!

  45. Tom Kner

    Tom Kner

    8 oy oldin

    Let's watercool toilet paper !! 😂

  46. magikonkuiz


    8 oy oldin

    This is why you use bidets hohoho

  47. heyou


    8 oy oldin

    You guys missed the chance to install a bidet in the LTT toilets!!!

  48. iDubno


    8 oy oldin

    Didn't know you could eat toilet paper at the food bank

    • jmwloup5110


      8 oy oldin

      If you are an idiot

  49. ひっかもりいDaniel


    8 oy oldin

    I don't know if someone have mentioned that, and if it's actually true, but afaik the reason why people started hoarding toilet paper had to with the fact that in China, many people used toilet paper instead of gloves when pressing buttons or holding to something in public transport for example because it was cheaper, however when the pandemic hit west, they knew that people were buying lots of toilet paper, but didn't know why they did that, so they just ended up hoarding it for not much reason.

    • Neil


      8 oy oldin

      I live in China and there was no hording of toilet paper here. Supermarkets have been consistently well stocked so I doubt there has even been an uptick in toilet roll sales here. The reason toilet paper sales went through the roof in some places was because people were reducing the number of shopping journeys they would take by doubling up on everything. That meant that shops had to meet a greater demand over a shorter period, which they initially couldn't meet. This made shops look emptier which caused people to panic buy.

  50. techwithSAR


    8 oy oldin

    Who puts video camera with lens in their trunk ? Ans: Dennis

  51. Crisis


    8 oy oldin

    make another

  52. Taho


    8 oy oldin

    You aren't truly asian if you don't have rice with you at all times.

  53. Vaorg


    8 oy oldin

    Imagine this channel gets 1 mil

  54. Hizsmz


    8 oy oldin

    pre quarantine pre riots lol

  55. Aayusman Tripathy

    Aayusman Tripathy

    8 oy oldin

    *happy water noises*

  56. thecrazy8888


    9 oy oldin

    Cause no one wants to handle shit.

  57. MALK ._.

    MALK ._.

    9 oy oldin

    Tp Denis’s house

  58. Jotham Protik

    Jotham Protik

    9 oy oldin

    we south asians are laughing our ass off and thinking "DUDE JUST USE WATER TO CLEAN BUTTS JEEZ!!!!!"

  59. Lee Oswald

    Lee Oswald

    9 oy oldin

    They forgot to say: don't spend everything at once

  60. Dion Perera

    Dion Perera

    9 oy oldin

    time to wait another year...

  61. QuantumS1ngularity


    9 oy oldin

    From now on i wouldn't be able to watch and enjoy an apocalypse movie if it doesn't show the shortage of the cornerstone of the civilisation - the toilet paper. There would have to be some montage of people panic buying and fighting over it or scenes with stores with shelves which still have food on them, but the toilet paper is missing. Also at least one scene of raiding a store where there IS some toilet paper left but the heroes would have to endure some kind of challenge to get to it. I mean c'mon... how the hell could anyone have seen this becoming a thing.

  62. Aaron CCS

    Aaron CCS

    9 oy oldin

    Long live csf

  63. Lamzka


    9 oy oldin

    0:09 oh boy thats a lot of paper gold

  64. Deleted


    9 oy oldin

    When a girl actually likes me...Press 5.

  65. Lasky Labs

    Lasky Labs

    9 oy oldin

    Still waiting for Linus's revenge.

  66. Sound Stop

    Sound Stop

    9 oy oldin

    I just finished binge watching all the videos on the channel

  67. What If Universe

    What If Universe

    9 oy oldin

    Whos eating toilet paper?

  68. Count Thunderclout

    Count Thunderclout

    9 oy oldin

    Rather than going store to store to buy something that is already in short supply, possibly aggravating the issue, I'm sure LLT could have used their connections to acquire commercial toilet paper, the type which is used by offices and restaurants and is in plentiful supply at this moment. The supplier may have even donated it for free for the good publicity. Just a thought.

  69. R Stieffel

    R Stieffel

    9 oy oldin

    It's so to find because of people like you all, your logic is only people that are homeless should get toilet paper.

  70. Mansoor Ahmed

    Mansoor Ahmed

    9 oy oldin

    channel is pretty much dead . Not like times when it started

  71. Rarapas


    9 oy oldin

    5:28 Make sure to WIPE comment get subscribed!

  72. Ben Schönhardt

    Ben Schönhardt

    9 oy oldin

    I luv, how my Waterbottle (Lttstore.com) just fucking has a Hole in the bottle, that I can fucking DRINK THRU ITS GENIOUS

  73. Beerenmüsli


    9 oy oldin


  74. boeboe5115


    9 oy oldin

    I have the same car as Dennis, huh

  75. jaco con7os

    jaco con7os

    9 oy oldin

    now i have watched all CSF videos!

  76. M3M3 life

    M3M3 life

    9 oy oldin

    channel super fun, more like channel super DUMB

    • Nathan Jackson

      Nathan Jackson

      9 oy oldin


    • jaco con7os

      jaco con7os

      9 oy oldin

      no u

    • M3M3 life

      M3M3 life

      9 oy oldin


  77. Nagi Shiba

    Nagi Shiba

    10 oy oldin

    So, the channel died again uh? :(

  78. Cody Sy

    Cody Sy

    10 oy oldin

    I think when I here were buying toilet paper to donate to food bank I’m like who’s going to eat toilet paper Misspelled some thing

  79. DarinGamer


    10 oy oldin

    LTT branded toilet papers plz

  80. Iplayvideogames 22

    Iplayvideogames 22

    10 oy oldin

    Good to know channel super fun is back

  81. BLKBRDSR71


    10 oy oldin

    Robin Dennis and his merry man Colton. Buying from the rich and giving to the poor.

  82. Typical Rider PH

    Typical Rider PH

    10 oy oldin

    I live in the Philippines and people don't hoard toilet paper in here because majority uses soap and water to wash their butt. But so many people are hoarding face masks and alcohol and some would sell them for 3 to 10 times the retail price.

  83. Watch my video please •́ ‿ ,•̀

    Watch my video please •́ ‿ ,•̀

    10 oy oldin

    Just use waterjet lol waste of money using toilet paper

  84. Jake Cronier

    Jake Cronier

    10 oy oldin

    dennis lowkey a dragon of chaos, "excuse me?"

  85. Troy James

    Troy James

    10 oy oldin

    “There’s a lot of stuff with toilet paper right now” Give it to the asians

  86. sam jones

    sam jones

    10 oy oldin

    i wonder how many pitches did dennis and colton had to do before linus greenlit the return of superfun? "man that channel [Channel superfun loses a lot of money (Linus, not dated)

  87. roho


    10 oy oldin

    how did i just find this channel

  88. eric peterson

    eric peterson

    10 oy oldin

    I'm in the US in California and seeing them without masks, in public, is making me uneasy. The US really effed up the response and treatment of this pandemic. It's bad.. and embarrassing.

  89. EppyFourTwenny


    10 oy oldin

    Bruh why does everyone want a clean arse instead of a full stomach.

  90. Vishnu Jeejo

    Vishnu Jeejo

    10 oy oldin

    Is channel superfun resurrected ???

  91. Jordan Marshall

    Jordan Marshall

    10 oy oldin

    This channel was resurrected just to die once again.

  92. Gabriel Dixon

    Gabriel Dixon

    10 oy oldin

    C H E M I C H A L X

  93. Damalycus


    10 oy oldin

    if csf video has dennis in it - im out

  94. Happy Hands

    Happy Hands

    10 oy oldin

    You think you are being part of the solution, but you actually being part of the problem. because people go to the store and find much needed supplies missing , you've already stuffed your van with them. it will be due to hording that the government will implement rationing. And from the governments view, no matter what you actually did with the supplies, your bulk buying will be viewed as hording.

  95. namejeffVEVO


    10 oy oldin


  96. tsartomato


    10 oy oldin

    linus created korona to avoid resurrecting CSF

  97. Elliot L

    Elliot L

    10 oy oldin

    You realize that by doing this, you're contributing to the shortage, right? Same with anyone who went out to buy it because there's a shortage to stock up.

  98. Lester D'mello

    Lester D'mello

    10 oy oldin

    I mean guys, just use water

  99. Rice Cake

    Rice Cake

    10 oy oldin

    1:42 good meme

  100. Crazy Tech Reviews

    Crazy Tech Reviews

    10 oy oldin

    Dennis: donates ltt shirt Linus: sees ltt shirt at goodwill