We Made a GIANT Paper Airplane!!

Colton and Dennis decide to challenge Linus to a little competition. The Stakes? Whoever loses has to host TechLinked, and the winner gets the pick the outfit...
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  1. the1bizkit


    15 soat oldin

    I know yall have had some videos but when I heard "Alright so Channel Super Fun is back" Covid: "Now just hold on a minute there"

  2. Johnny Apple

    Johnny Apple

    Oy oldin

    Canadian airforce R&D

  3. The Real Player

    The Real Player

    2 oy oldin


  4. Lars Carlsen

    Lars Carlsen

    2 oy oldin

    i dunno why this just didnt get recommended to me at all when it got out...

  5. eclogites


    2 oy oldin

    He should have brought in a worse paper airplane and then showed the big one

  6. John the gamer

    John the gamer

    2 oy oldin

    This channel reminds me of The Office sometimes.

  7. Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000

    Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000

    2 oy oldin

    a comment to support the channel

  8. Ian Bailey

    Ian Bailey

    3 oy oldin

    So this is float plane.

  9. WelshTony1


    3 oy oldin

    "Channel supper fun is back" - 5 videos in a year later ... its dead

  10. John H

    John H

    4 oy oldin

    Why wasn't I made aware that channel super fun was back?????

  11. TheDecree93


    5 oy oldin


  12. Mesa


    5 oy oldin

    That was great. I turned into a little kid with my oohs and aahs.

  13. BerylL


    5 oy oldin

    Someone call Colin Reeds! Wait what? He's.... Oh. Oh dear....

  14. Shubham Yadav

    Shubham Yadav

    5 oy oldin

    We need more RGB😂

  15. daysErlock


    5 oy oldin

    In hoodies in February in canada.. wtf I thought canada was colder than the states lol.

  16. Frequently Modulated

    Frequently Modulated

    5 oy oldin

    Well this is one of the rare times that Linus doesn't need to cheat

  17. Donair


    5 oy oldin

    I like how the big plane was shit until linus got involved

  18. HelloGlamorous


    5 oy oldin

    omg this is beautiful lmaoo

  19. The Unboxing Authority

    The Unboxing Authority

    5 oy oldin

    Linus was a good sport in this video and he didn't cheat or sabotage. Linus even helped the other team. What a great example and roll model. Now if we could only see that in the new videos. Linus working with his team instead of against them. Great idea!

  20. Your dada

    Your dada

    5 oy oldin

    Lol Linus brought a little arts and crafts box

  21. Raushon Munni

    Raushon Munni

    6 oy oldin

    I thought my dream was never going to be fullfilled *I was wrong*

  22. thatdude034


    6 oy oldin

    "This isn't even RGB it's just white" soo.. full RGB?

  23. Youtube Cult Destroyer

    Youtube Cult Destroyer

    7 oy oldin

    Beardless linus looks like a deep fake now

    • R3VISION


      6 oy oldin


  24. SilverFortyTwo


    7 oy oldin

    "This isn't even RGB" "This is just L"

  25. loud ass victor

    loud ass victor

    7 oy oldin

    This is the worst thing I've ever watched and I loved every second of it.

  26. Caden Cooper

    Caden Cooper

    7 oy oldin


  27. Erik Malgren

    Erik Malgren

    7 oy oldin

    I should think Dennis and Colton (and not Linus) were the ones with the big egos in this particular video, I have to admit I was smiling / shaking my head at how their plane wasn't working. Still, like everyone else, thumbs up for Linus helping out and for everyone getting the plane to fly at the end!

  28. DarrylThePanda


    7 oy oldin

    This one still better uztop.info/my/video/qH6di5WHX8Kxlmg

  29. 2K18ban Valaki

    2K18ban Valaki

    7 oy oldin

    Best video ever lol

  30. kylemu73k1


    7 oy oldin

    How did I not know about this channel until today

  31. One of Us

    One of Us

    7 oy oldin

    3:56 airplane experienced stalling

  32. Qichen Xu

    Qichen Xu

    7 oy oldin

    I love the fact that Linus thinks the huge plane is stupid at the bottom of his heart but he still helps launching it. What's a good leader? There you go

  33. Luke Glover

    Luke Glover

    7 oy oldin

    Linus imediately knowing something was happening, and calling bullshit. I like how they bragged they won, but they only won because Linus helped them haha

  34. Ajx4


    7 oy oldin

    They still needed Linus to actually throw it LMAO

  35. Skyline HDTV

    Skyline HDTV

    7 oy oldin

    This used to be called, “Were back and flying high!”

  36. JP Ajero

    JP Ajero

    8 oy oldin

    Someone forgot to color grade this video

  37. Rick LeRoy

    Rick LeRoy

    8 oy oldin

    I didn't think it was going to work I thought as the design got bigger the weight would increase more than the lift, but actually it did work, it just needs to be shaped a little better.

  38. TheGreat519


    8 oy oldin

    please make more of these

  39. Francisco Hoyos

    Francisco Hoyos

    8 oy oldin

    TIP: google fold n fly. Is a page where you can print the plane foldings. You can choose between how and what plane do you want.

    • MiguelPpM


      8 oy oldin

      All right, pretty cool thanks.

  40. Sven Heilbrunner

    Sven Heilbrunner

    8 oy oldin

    0:31 1:08 Colton's laughing is just awesome :D

  41. odombones94


    8 oy oldin

    I just found out CSF is back and am sad it took so long to realize. Also pre-rona Linus had me scared for a moment

  42. Martin Nalugon

    Martin Nalugon

    8 oy oldin

    It can glide though

  43. freakaknight


    8 oy oldin

    Exactly the dumb fun we love this channel for :')

  44. davidsonnow


    8 oy oldin

    OK my thesis is that Linus is the ultimate boss to work for. Look at what’s happening here: he’s acting no different then a friend would in high school hanging out with his buddies. Isn’t this what we all ask would expect from our bosses?

  45. Monish Meher

    Monish Meher

    8 oy oldin

    Is he the same guy from techquikie?

  46. Red Carpet Room

    Red Carpet Room

    8 oy oldin

    It's like dad playing with his kids lmao

  47. Lagonas_


    9 oy oldin

    That plane wasn't paper tho.

  48. Plattypus Gaming

    Plattypus Gaming

    9 oy oldin

    Omg... how the heck did i miss the reboot. This makes me sooooo happy!

  49. Guy Jordan

    Guy Jordan

    9 oy oldin

    that was super fun

  50. mike stockmar

    mike stockmar

    9 oy oldin

    I miss berkel

  51. Trigg


    9 oy oldin

    I thinks linus daughter thought of the channel name

  52. Tushar Masare

    Tushar Masare

    10 oy oldin

    This was fun, But they were like they don't know a thing about aeronautics. I always wanted to see Linus doing such things though.

  53. adrian hook

    adrian hook

    10 oy oldin

    Why did it take 4 months for this to show up in my recommended 😩💔

  54. Grisile


    10 oy oldin

    I'm 4 months late but happy this channel finally uploads stuffs again.

  55. orcite


    10 oy oldin

    tape a paperclip on the paper airplane, and shoot it out from a slingshot :) range x100000

  56. daysErlock


    10 oy oldin

    After a 2 year gap lol

  57. GaliciaArt


    10 oy oldin

    Love channel super fun man

  58. Khristian James Calderon

    Khristian James Calderon

    10 oy oldin

    Maybe Dude Perfect watched this video first before their "build an airplane battle"

  59. Mr ATeam604

    Mr ATeam604

    10 oy oldin

    I don't came here for Dennis

  60. SOARING Simulator

    SOARING Simulator

    10 oy oldin

    CG forward! I spent 3years making this [link] down here and they are millionaire-making paper airplanes... so fun . next time CG forward! uztop.info/my/video/dpV5sbCaoLXGYXk&vl=en

  61. buttercupbill


    11 oy oldin

    And they say RGB doesn’t affect performance

  62. The Grounded Pilot

    The Grounded Pilot

    11 oy oldin

    Linus is just happy 2 says labor didnt go to waste

  63. Aesthetic Nerd

    Aesthetic Nerd

    11 oy oldin

    I used to want this channel to come back...this is why it died in the first place.

  64. Lokarin


    11 oy oldin

    4:04 "Is Just L" Lmfao

  65. Hello There

    Hello There

    11 oy oldin

    That hill bring back sum memories

  66. The Rick Black

    The Rick Black

    11 oy oldin

    It is so weird watching this in June 2020 and feeling like you don’t know who Linus is without the beard.

    • jmwloup5110


      11 oy oldin

      He actually looks professional again



    11 oy oldin

    That was actually good episode) I laughed many times

  68. Meticulous Seven

    Meticulous Seven

    11 oy oldin

    Linus: did you spend work time making this?! Such a micromanager...

  69. Darrian T

    Darrian T

    11 oy oldin

    Wooooah!! Linus with no moustache

  70. merle


    11 oy oldin

    It feels so weird seeing linus without a beard now

  71. OfficialUnboxing


    11 oy oldin

    my life has a meaning again. Good to have you back channel Super Fun 😍

  72. G George

    G George

    11 oy oldin

    What Linus without beard looks weird now 😂

    • Adam J Smith

      Adam J Smith

      10 oy oldin

      The beard was boss

    • AZmotion


      11 oy oldin

      I prefer him without the beard

    • jmwloup5110


      11 oy oldin

      The beard was weird

  73. techwithSAR


    11 oy oldin

    Man I missed channel super fun

  74. Tonmakescomedy


    11 oy oldin

    Good thing there is no passengers because he stalled the plane

  75. curlyfry


    11 oy oldin

    Linus’s hair looks good and k e e p i t t h a t w a y

  76. Aroop Roelofs

    Aroop Roelofs

    11 oy oldin


  77. Blake S.

    Blake S.

    11 oy oldin

    I've never been so happy to see a new video pop up

  78. akram khan

    akram khan

    11 oy oldin

    I just saw and realised. How I met your mother fans, the bartender that got lily drunk at Robin's pre-wedding episodes was named Linus... Check out yourself.. season 9 episode 2

  79. Kent


    11 oy oldin

    More content pls

  80. Zestypanda


    11 oy oldin


  81. batt3ryac1d


    11 oy oldin

    If we have superfun back can we have Berkel back too ):

  82. Liquicie


    11 oy oldin

    Bring Berkel back for this channel plz

  83. Freaky Snuke

    Freaky Snuke

    11 oy oldin

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  84. Rei Yalotrab

    Rei Yalotrab

    11 oy oldin

    Where's the full clip of the plane flying off the roof

  85. Ramon Solorio

    Ramon Solorio

    11 oy oldin

    Wait, when the hell did this happen? Oh, time stamp...

  86. Kiiou


    11 oy oldin


  87. TechTheGuy


    Yil oldin

    Ong linus has a social life (im joking!I love you and your channel btw)

  88. Weird stuff

    Weird stuff

    Yil oldin

    i don't know why the upload videos to this funny channel . this channel might improve bond among LMG members , sooo plz upload videos

  89. boof koosher

    boof koosher

    Yil oldin

    5 minutes of bullying linus in paper plane tournament

  90. mail me

    mail me

    Yil oldin

    Is this the Chinese rocket

  91. Matt Johnstone

    Matt Johnstone

    Yil oldin

    Dennis and Linus interactions may be my single most favorite thing of any LMG channels lol

  92. Matt Johnstone

    Matt Johnstone

    Yil oldin

    This is hilarious lol. I want to be a part of the fam :P

  93. animal channel

    animal channel

    Yil oldin


  94. Reinulf


    Yil oldin

    Amazing! More paper airplane competitions please!!

  95. Arjun Kapoor

    Arjun Kapoor

    Yil oldin

    This video should have been titled ‘We are back and we are high’

  96. DasKatzenklokind


    Yil oldin

    i acctually love this channel

  97. Typical Rider PH

    Typical Rider PH

    Yil oldin

    I thought this was a petersripol video 😅

  98. shshankk


    Yil oldin

    Well, after so much roast, it has to come back :-D

  99. Capitalism Entertainment and Technologies

    Capitalism Entertainment and Technologies

    Yil oldin

    Honestly youtube did not tell me about these and just now decided to see if channel had anything new lol

  100. iNotsuoh


    Yil oldin

    how have I not seen this channel before after all these years. lmao